The Christine Guenther Murder

In 1981, a small Western Pennsylvania suburb mourned the loss of a 15-year-old girl. Thirty years later, her peers speak up, insisting on justice. Learn more about this promising young woman, and help us finally put this mystery to rest.

WPXI Story 10/27/2011

Search Continues 30 years after girl, 15, vanishes from bus stop

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Christine Guenther disappeared 30 years ago to the day, and the case has baffled investigators since.


Friends and family members of Guenther are starting their own movement in hopes of catching the killer.


Guenther was a vibrant, outgoing and athletic girl who was described as being liked by everyone.


Guenther was waiting for a bus at the intersection of Route 19 and McMurray Road when she vanished.


Five days later police found her body in a wooded area in Allegheny County.


Marty Diamond did not know Guenther personally, but he is assisting in the mission to find the killer.


"Thirty years have gone by and still, to this day, people remember this," Diamond said. "It traumatized this whole township."


They began by creating a Facebook page asking for any information about Guenther's disappearance and death.


"It got the wheels rolling and got a lot of involvement," Diamond said. "We have a lot of people who are dedicated to searching things, searching facts."


Guenther’s mother, Carmen Mader, lives in Florida, but spoke with Channel 11's Rick Earle recently during a trip to Pittsburgh.


She talked about her daughter and the toll the tragedy has taken on the entire family.


“She would never have gotten into a car,” Carmen Mader said. “Either somebody hit her, chloroformed her, or it was someone she knew. When she didn’t get home in time to go to the game, we knew it was bad.”


In memory of the 30th anniversary of Christine's death, friends and relatives are putting up a billboard near the site of her disappearance hoping someone will come forward with information.


A memorial service is also planned for Saturday near the site of the billboard.


For more information, visit: Chris Guenther Memorial Website


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