The Christine Guenther Murder

In 1981, a small Western Pennsylvania suburb mourned the loss of a 15-year-old girl. Thirty years later, her peers speak up, insisting on justice. Learn more about this promising young woman, and help us finally put this mystery to rest.

A Special Shout Out of Thanks!

So many people have made it possible for us to take our efforts to the next level.  We are committed to keeping those names private to protect everyone, but we did want to draw attention to some special people.

1.  The Founders:  Without your motivation to get this group started, we would not have manifested into this amazing community of peers who want answers.  Your simple click of the mouse on Facebook started the ball rolling.  Thank you.

2.  The Volunteers:  Many people have volunteered their time.  Whether they spent time at a court house, collected stories, called authorities, wrote letters, or offered input...every person has been an extremely valuable asset.  We could not have done this without all of you.

3.  The Donators:  Many people have contributed financially to our cause.  Our anniversary weekend would not have been possible without your generous support.  We all know we consider the billboard an investment, but without your support it would not have been possible.  Thank you to every person who opened up their hearts and pocketbooks.

4.  The Contributors:  Some people gave money and others provided their services.  Your skills and talents have been invaluable.  Thank you. 

5.  The Friend:  One individual has been the driving and relentless force behind this cause.  That person has spent many long, waking nights researching, interviewing, and pushing for answers.  You are the foundation for this group. If it weren't for you, we would have folded a long time ago.  Words cannot do your work justice, but your work may lead to justice.  There is one other person who has worked closely with you, and that individual has been just as perseverant.  You both are amazing.

6.  Lamar Advertising: You have been extremely helpful and patient throughout this process.  We really appreciate the added designs you furnished for our cause!  Thank you!

7.  Quality Quick Printing, Canonsburg: Thanks for your "quick" help in assisting with the printing of all of our paper needs, from flyers to signs and everything in between.  

8.  Ken Eber Photography:  Thanks to Ken Eber who has committed to photographically documenting our Anniversary Weekend.  You are picture perfect Ken! 

9.  Giant Eagle, Donaldson's Crossroads: Thanks to the Peters Township Giant Eagle for donating the beautiful purple balloons we released at the Billboard unveiling.  Thank you for such a wonderful gift!