The Christine Guenther Murder

In 1981, a small Western Pennsylvania suburb mourned the loss of a 15-year-old girl. Thirty years later, her peers speak up, insisting on justice. Learn more about this promising young woman, and help us finally put this mystery to rest.

10/20/2011 Press Release:  30 Year Anniversary Memorial Weekend

Friends of Christine Guenther





Peters Township Group Seeks Justice for the Unsolved 30-Year-Old Murder of Classmate/Memorial Weekend Planned 10/29 – 10/31.

Pittsburgh, Pa, October 23, 2011 — Friends of Christine Guenther (FoCG) is a group of former PTHS classmates, driven to find justice for their murdered friend.  Using the social media giant, Facebook, they are attempting to generate new leads for the conviction of murdered 15-year-old, Christine Guenther.


On October 26, 1981, Peters Township High School junior, Christine (Chris) Guenther was last seen near Donaldson’s Crossroads.  She left school to catch a bus into Pittsburgh for a routine doctor’s appointment. Not having the current schedule, she missed the bus. 


What happened next remains a mystery.  She was never seen alive again.  Five days later on Halloween, her bludgeoned body was found covered in leaves in a remote area of South Fayette Township, Allegheny County, Pa, on the side of Cecil Sturgeon Road.


“We are working hard to get this mystery solved and bring justice to a 15-year-old girl whose life was cut tragically short,” stated a designated group spokesperson.  “Not only do we want justice, but this is personal.  A killer still roams the streets and our children are not safe.”


Starting well over a year ago, two friends created a Facebook page to see if they could get people talking again about Chris’s murder.  The page ignited.

Fast forward a year later, and now the FoCG has officially organized its efforts.  In an attempt to bring attention to this tragic event, they have planned a 30-year anniversary memorial weekend.  “We have a lot planned,” explained the spokesperson.  “Perhaps the most important part of our ‘Campaign for Answers’ is the billboard space we have purchased for one month.”  The group raised enough funds to rent advertising during November.  “We are asking people to call in any tips they may have to Allegheny Homicide.”  The billboard is on the corner of Valley Brook Road and Route 19 in McMurray.  They also are purchasing yard signs.

On Saturday morning, the 29th, there will be a mass at St. Benedict’s.  It will be offered in Chris’s memory.  On Sunday, there will be a graveside memorial service.  Friends and family are scheduled to speak.  Chris’s best friend will read a poem she found online called “Since the Loss of You.”  One line that moves her is, “…all I have is memories, and I just want to ask God, why?”  Afterwards, people will be invited to place a purple carnation on her grave.  “That was her favorite color,” explained her friend.

On Halloween, exactly 30 years after Chris’s body was found, the group will unveil the billboard.  “We have invited the press, public officials, and the public to attend.”  It is confirmed that some local media organizations have already committed to the event, and Peters Township Chief of Police, Harry Fruecht. 

Finally, the group just launched a website and will be releasing a video as well.  “We are going to distribute it via cyberspace. Our goal is to compel people to call in tips.”  They want to upload the vignette on social networks, and send it out to bloggers. 

“It’s simple really,” finished the spokesperson.  “We will never forget, nor do we intend to.”

Schedule of events includes:

—Memorial Mass, Saturday, October 29, 2011, 8:30AM–10:30AM, St. Benedict’s Catholic Church, McMurray, Pa

—Graveside Memorial, Sunday, October 30, 2011, 11:30AM–1:00PM, Queen of Heaven Cemetery, McMurray, Pa

—Launch of Billboard, Monday, October 31, 2011, 12:30PM–1:30PM, Intersection of Route 19 and Valleybrook Road, McMurray, Pa

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