The Christine Guenther Murder

In 1981, a small Western Pennsylvania suburb mourned the loss of a 15-year-old girl. Thirty years later, her peers speak up, insisting on justice. Learn more about this promising young woman, and help us finally put this mystery to rest.

Other Local Cases

In the 1970s and 1980s, there were other local cases where Children were found murdered or went missing.  We will be adding links about those stories here.  Please visit this page often, as we will continue to update it. If you know anything about these unsolved mysteries, please do the right thing and contact your local authorities.  

November 6, 1981:  Mother of Girl fears foul play.  (Toni Lynn McNatt)             ,1308962&dq=toni+lynn+mcnatt&hl=en 


November 25, 1981:  A Holiday Wish (Toni Lynn McNatt)                                   ,4627549&dq=toni+lynn+mcnatt&hl=en 


December 10, 1981:  Reward Offered for Missing Girl  (Michelle Reidenbach)   ,2083649&dq=michelle+reidenbach&hl=en 


December 20, 1981:  2 Missing Girls Spell 2 Empty Christmases                                                          (Michelle Reidenbach & Toni Lynn McNatt)                                                                           ,1959989


June 27, 1982:  For distressed Parents,The hardest part is not knowing                                                  (Toni Lynn McNatt, Mary Ann Verdecchia, Michelle Reidenbach, Gabriel Minarcin, Jon Dabkowski, Nicole Bryner),4798500&dq=toni+lynn+mcnatt&hl=en 

November 4, 1984:  Mother hopes daughter is found alive (Michelle Reidenbach),493935&dq=michelle+reidenbach&hl=en 

April 19, 1988:  Car, Box Bare Little On Slaying Suspect (Carol Jursik)             

May 12, 1989:  Sentencing delayed for murderer  (Michelle Reidenbach)           ,4531742&dq=michelle+reidenbach&hl=en 

September 22, 1993:  New Investigation, Police reopen case of missing girl  (Michelle Reidenbach),3304741&dq=michelle+reidenbach&hl=en 


September 22, 1993:  Police Reopen Case  (Michelle Reidenbach)                      ,4723903&dq=michelle+reidenbach&hl=en 

January 13, 2011:  Person comes forward in missing child case (Cherrie Mahan) 

10/17/2011: Blog (This blog/Conversation thread focuses on Michele Reidenbach.)