The Christine Guenther Murder

In 1981, a small Western Pennsylvania suburb mourned the loss of a 15-year-old girl. Thirty years later, her peers speak up, insisting on justice. Learn more about this promising young woman, and help us finally put this mystery to rest.

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Press Inquiries

We are happy to answer your questions, schedule interviews, and direct you to proper contacts.  Please email us directly at  We will be checking this email account routinely.  Please include your name, your organization, and your deadline.  Currently, we only have two people officially elected to speak on our behalf.  Please verify that information with us via email.  We do not endorse anyone else's comments except those we have asked to do so.  Thank you.

News Alerts

10/26 NEWS ALERT!  As of Today, 10 Media Venues Have Committed to Telling Chris’s story! 

News Venues have committed to covering Chris's story:  WPXI, The Almanac, The Observer-Reporter, Watch Dog Radio, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Weekly Recorder, KDKA, Cecil & Peters Patch.  Here is their schedule as follows:

*  The Almanac will go to Press on Weds, October 26th.  They will also cover the billboard unveiling.  Sister Newspaper, The Observer-Reporter will also pick up the story.

 WPXI will air their story on Thursday, October 27th, during the 5 PM Newscast.  It is anticipated they will also be covering some of the weekend events as well.   Although WPXI did not interview either of our two designated spokespersons, we are thrilled they want to bring this story to air.

*  Watchdog Radio will be airing their interview with our group spokesperson Saturday Morning at 6:30 AM on 104.7 FM, News Talk Radio.

* WJPA will be airing Chris's story throughout the weekend.

* At this time, we are unsure when the Pittsburgh Post Gazette & KDKA will run their pieces; however, we have been told they will be covering Chris’s story.    We will update this page as needed.  

*  Cecil & Peters Patch will be covering the weekend events. 

* There will be an article written by one of Chris's relatives in the Weekly Recorder. 

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10/24/2011 NEWS ALERT!  FoCG Previews Flyer!

The FoCG released a copy of the flyer they will distribute publicly during the 30 year anniversary memorial weekend.  "We want people to think outside of the box with this flyer," stated the group spokesperson.  "Yes, we will physically hand it to people, but we are also distributing it online for individuals to post on their social networks. We want to circulate it in 21st century terms."

NEWS ALERT!  Group Organizes Enough Funds to Purchase Billboard Space!

The FoCG is determined to help authorities find and convict Chris Guenther's killer.  The group raised enough funds to purchase billboard space for one month in Peters Township. Chris resided in the district, and was last seen at Donaldson Crossroads waiting for a bus. She was found killed 5 days later in Allegheny County.  To mark the 30th Anniversary of her death, the FoCG will be unveiling the billboard on October 31st as part of their Campaign for Answers. Members will gather underneath the advertisement for one hour from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM.  The message will include Allegheny Homicide phone numbers.  The billboard is on the corner of Route 19 and Valleybrook Road in McMurray, PA. It will be up for one month. Find out more by visiting our Calendar. 

NEWS ALERT!  30-Year Memorial Weekend Begins October 29th!

This Halloween marks 30 years since Chris was found murdered on Cecil Sturgeon Road in South Fayette Township. The "Friends of Chris Guenther"  (FoCG) have scheduled three events over the holiday weekend to mark this historic date. There will be a mass, graveside memorial, and billboard unveiling.  Find out more by visiting our Calendar

NEWS ALERT!  We Will Soon Release a Short Video for Cyber Circulation!

Currently in production is a video that is intended to be circulated on the internet.  "We are sure this will grab someone's attention," stated a group spokesperson.  "Our goal is to have members, subject appropriate groups, bloggers, and websites share this video to the public.  These days, cyber outreach is critical, and we plan on taking full advantage of it.  Once it is completed, we will let everyone know."  (Update, On October 22nd, the FoCG previewed a sneak peak of the video vignette on YouTube and Facebook.)

NEWS ALERT!  FoCG Launches Website & YouTube channel as Part of their "Cyber Campaign for Answers."

Committed to getting answers, the FoCG created a website last week with the hope of getting more exposure.  As one spokesperson stated, "We are launching a Campaign for Answers.  We will use all the tools we have available to us. The website was a logical step in our cyber campaign."  The group hopes that it will start showing up on search engines; therefore, increasing public exposure. "The good news is our Facebook page is already showing up, but we want to extend our reach beyond that social network." On Saturday, 10/22/2011, the group also launched a YouTube  channel.  "The content is sparse, but we are working on it.  We just uploaded a video preview that we are quite pleased with."